• Insurance:

Insurance is playing vital role in international trade. Traders and transporters need to protect their businesses against probable risks. Cargo, liability and vessel insurances are three major categories that we will generate guidelines on them.

  • Packaging:  

Although it is directly related to cargo care and commercial side however for transport companies it can be included in logistics packages they present to customers. It is also important for them from liability aspect since cargo and transport packaging methods will be published regularly in all of our channels.

  • Transport Contracts:

Different type of contracts that are used in carriage of goods in bulk and container are another matter that technically and legally will be considered in regular articles that are generated in website and other channels as it is essential to be familiar with rights, duties and ruling regulations are applied to relationship between transport companies and traders.

  • Cargo Care:

Nature of cargoes require specific care to keep them safe from the time of production up to the time of delivering to consumer. To know what is nature of the cargo, how it should be protected, how it should be kept, how it should be carried and how it should be stowed is entirely technical process as every kind of cargo require unique care based on its nature. As transportation and carriage are playing major role in supply chain process we will on the subject specifically in our content and tutorial packages.

  • Customs:

Customs regulations are mainly country-oriented rules however development of worldwide business resulted in harmonized procedures in customs formalities to facilitate trade since practical guides and references related to the subject will be available in our database for all subscribers.